fine Art

I paint acrylic on canvas.

these works i did in 1995...

telaviv1 telaviv2

these between 1997 and 2006

actors aliengames allhands baustelle beach blonde busstop2 captive coffeeortea coupleonred fishmonger gasman genocidaire giraffe handandfoot marathon pipelinebombing reddragon redstar1 relaxed showerscene spacemen sprayer stilllife sunset surfpuppet tanker twofigures vernissage washingup

some from 2007 and 2009

cafeinblue congeeshop ladyinwhite miga reclined streetlight1 flying lovers miaohetuzi parrot pink allseeingeye bus_sleeper effiandi happyinthegrass redboy together7 two wingman2 couple57b IMG_3674 thingirl2 umbrella_complete umbrella1 umbrella2 umbrella3 volleyballgirl cats_n_dogs

and I paint with ink on paper...

alien2 construction2 construction3 hk27 ink0 ink1 ink2 ink3 ink4