Currently PhD student in HCI, Human Computer Interaction
at University of Trento, Italy
graduated with Distinction in 2009
from the School of Creative Media at City University of Hong Kong
Master's of Fine Arts MFA in Creative Media

i am currently a PhD candidate (3rd year!) at University of Trento, Italy in the Department of Information Science and Engineering. my research is funded byTIM Telecom Italia and i work with the Semantic and Knowledge Innovation Labat Povo, Italy.
the focus of my PhD is Agonistic Design and the development of play and games for new social innovation.

Listening to the Walkable City a soundscape installation, created in May 2016 in Trento, Italy, part ofCOOP2016 Interactive Experiences track.
This work introduced my Experience Probes and examined the real environment andthe virtual wthin an immersive soundscape installation.


I completed my MFA studies at School of Creative Media, City
University ofHong Kong in 2009 my focus was interactive sound and engineering,
human computer interaction and the study ofSociety, Culture and Technology .

The MFA brought togethervarious art-forms degree I had been experimenting with,
including interaction programming, sound art performance,
videography documentary video and post- production.

Here is a limited selection of the diverse projects I worked on during my MFA.

computational cinema performance - Untitled 2008

Untitled 2008 is a two-screenvideo work, with live mixing of immersive surround sound which tries to break the screen-lecture relationship of contemporary cinema. The figure in the video walks from space to space, and as she moves, the two screens switch content. The audience follows the movement and watches first one then the other screen. In the audio track, a flute solo and the video soundtrack are placed in opposition, circling the room roaming 360 degrees. Secondary sounds, the flush of the toilet, water running in the bathroom, washing hands are played across the soundspace, left and right. Controlled by the performer/operator and an ambisonics application in max/msp, the soundspace and the trading of videoscreens immerse the audience in an experience, heightened by the mood and tone of the flute and video.


One important student work with relation to my sound art was, In Waves.
This work is essentially a media object and researched discussion on the use of
sound in pornography. In particular itinvestigates the different spheres of
listening experience from one which is very close and intimate
to that which is far away and disembodied from the person/listener.
I thought it was art, but John Drever convinced me it is actually porn.
I warmed to that idea over the course of the project.

Here's a fun work from a focus on Media Archeology, a comic research.
I was looking at the development of photographic eye in tandem with the progression of imaging technology.
Studying under Linda Lai is awesome; how many master's works could actually include silly rabbit-people!?
Click the image to follow through.


During my studies I had the opportunity to focus on course and curriculum development. One of the courses I created, Introduction to Media Art can be found in a zip file here.

As senior research assistant to Dr. S. Louia Wei, I compiled two courses, visual history of modern painting course, and drawing. The drawing course includes a linocut printing workshop, which I was priveleged to lead in its first iteration as an actual City University General Education class in 2012. The students did really well, i was impressed!

printclass2012_1 printclass2012_2 printclass2012_3 printclass2012_4

Recycled Monitor Installation
Graduate Studio, School of Creative Media
City University of Hong Kong, 2007-2008
Installation Design: Max Willis
Techincal Advisor: Chan Kwong Chau

Multi screen Pure Data and Linux recycling project.




Installations for an exhibition of ancient Chinese coins and charms, working with City University of Hong Hong's Chinese Civilization Department and Alex Chengyu Fang of the Department of Language and Translations.

Photography and Interaction Design: Max Willis
Technical Advisor: To Yip Sang
Exhibition began 11 July, 2008






cciv_coins2008B.jpg cciv6.jpg


The light pen application is run on Max/Msp using the Jitter application to program the image overlays. A cctv camera and digitizer are connected to track the light pen, and hotspots act as the trigger for the closeup images.


Finally, here is my thesis work - investigating poetry as a script for an animation work.
I wrote, recited and refined the poetry as I developed the animation and soundscape design.
In the end I think I talk too much, but the crossover I achieved is an important milestone on my own creative path. This was the last animation piece I made, vowing never again!