iceland day 5

wow, what a ride!
this ‘road’ goes through the middle of nowhere, on the map it’s a dotted line, my favorite.
in fact it is less than a road, and more like a ‘way that someone drove once or twice with a big truck’.this day, all day, i saw noone. not a soul.
it was hard work, of course. if a nice fresh loamy packed dirt road is like chocolate, then this was like, chocolate with krispy caramel chunks, nuts and raisins…
across lava fields, over heath and mossy moors, sliding down snowbanks and almost getting stuck in quick-mud, i really had to work it!
i got to the ‘better’ road, the Kjolar route, wanting more…
and the sunset picture? that’s as dark as it gets here, but when i sleep, oh, i sleep like a log fallen in the forest.
really at peace here.









lava tube caves!!

just the other day, i was riding along a glacier in iceland, and came upon these lava tube caves!
helmet: check!
headlamp: check!
let’s go have a look…
inside there was this weird black carbon flowstone, and the rock was bubbly and fluid, but hard of course…such a strange place, under the earth.
i felt at home, down there under the earth.





Iceland day 2

up early and into the hotsprings, after my coffee, of course.

had to schlepp the bike up one little hill, almost fellinto a ravine with the bike on top of me!!

following the track past more geysers and steam vents…the landscape seems so, new, fresh, yet so old at the same time.

rain started falling, but i dont care. waterproof jacket (kinda) waterproof pants (yes) waterproof gloves (not really) waterproof shoes (surprisingly so) i just kept on.

following a track on the gps, a horsetrail or a sheeptrail…on the map it looked like it skirted around a little lake. when i go to the lake, i found the trail went into the water! it was shallow, but riding in the water, then up into the sand, onto the mud…crazy insane, some of the most intense riding i have done, ever.

also the longest rides i have done in 25 years, yesterday 37 km, today about the same.

state of mind does so much for endurance…this place is beautiful, everywhere, at every turn, just awesome!

and the bike, works as planned, a little adventure home on wheels.







Iceland day 1

RElatively easy I got out of the ‘city’, though it wasn’t much city, as i didn’t go into Reykjavik. The bike came through the airpot uscathed, i built it at the hotel and took it for a test ride, all good.

Following the gps maps, i found a way out of town on the horse trails, which took me to the main road #1. So much traffic up there! i can’t believe anyone actually wants to ride (or skate) that road. I onluy had to do 6 km, before coming to the gas station and turnoff…always search the back way, on a dirt road!

up past the thermal power works, the landscape looked like i expect Mars will look, after the first 30 years of terraforming. you know we’re gonna do that, as soon as the tech allows…

riding on mars, that’s what it’s like, oh yeah. by the roadside, geysers, and bubbling primordial fluids…

i made my way to the hotsprings, well, it’s a hot river! soaked, camped, ate a lot a lot (the bike is heavy with all the food, i can eat as much as i like)

awesome, welcome sleep, alone on the field…alone, blissfully, finally, alone…