nemo espri 2p tent

I am sporting some new gear, pack, tent and a jacket. so when looking at new gear, I am thinking what worked for me before and what other people are using, namely the longtreks crew. the one man bivy thing I tried didn’t go down well, so I wanted to try a small 2person tent checking the lightweight tent options of course I hunted around, reading reviews and setting up the tents in outdoor stores. but my final decisions were in the end also swayed by name brands to some extent. I figure companies who are willing to sponsor these guys, they have my vote and I get a feel good factor supporting those companies with my purchase, inasmuch as one tent or jacket makes a difference.
bottom line: the nemo espri 2person tent I got was cheaper than the rest and fits the bill well; and Patagonia makes a good jacket in their piolet.

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