Mt. Etna days 1, 2 & 3

For 10 days around New Year 2019, Greta and I rode up and around Mt. Etna, in Sicily. Here are a few photos, and our journal entries from those days. we rode 249 Km

Day 1: arrived in Catania, no problems. Bike assembly at zeronove (cool bike shop and cycling community center in Catania) took a lot longer because of the new rack. Biked through town, found street food, seafood, grilled shrimps and breaded fish fillet.

Beautiful tent spot, sleeping listen to the waves, direct by the sea. Mountain smoking in the morning.

Day 2: long traffic uphill after scoring some gas (for the stove). Fabulous lunch of fresh bread, roasted pepper, grilled melanzane, fresh sheep ricotta, and FRESH RIPE tomatoes. Elitist pastry shop, the cops told us about it, after a tiny coffee form an obese woman. More uphill, less traffic, to Nicolosi. Camp at empty campsite.



Day 3: we’re so lazy. tried to sleep separate in two mummy bags, but that was boring and not so warm. zipped together in the early morning, and slept so nicenice. woke at 9:00. Yum pastries in town, bought cheese and veg from two carts in the market, longtime for shopping, and we moved so late…

evening became night soon and we continued to ride for a while in order to find a nice spot to sleep (and eat :). We found an abandoned farmhouse and a nice wide, flat spot and pitched our tent, set the gear and cooked lentils, meat, potatoes, broccoli with curry, paprika and garlic. so tasty and warm. in the night was cold, but we held eachother as we like. a dog came around in the night to bother us, with a loud bark. it was scared, and perhaps we were a little bit too. =)