Mt. Etna days 4 & 5

Day 4: Search for water. Strong uphill, and friendly MTB advice on the way to Rifugio Ariel. Coffee for max, red wine for greta, ate arancini and the last of the grilled melanzane, bought an onion, filled up 8litres of water.
fabulous ride up the hill to the second rifugio. firewood collection, the hut was cozy until the EARTHQUAKE!! greta ran out the hut, cut her finger. i ran outside but it was over before i realized…earthquake.
slept in the tent outside mmmmm felt more safe. big snow in the night (no more earthquakes)

up into the forest

black volcanic soils!

nearing sunset

sunset at 2000m

1000m below the eruption, it’s safe!??

cozy before the earthquake

Day 5: Blue dawn then brilliant sunshine! in the morning, the mountain was smoking strong. breakfast, and a second coffee…then STORM APPROACHING! quick pack up then, hardcore, beautiful, snow till whiteout conditions.
passed a tipi hut, down down down snow, snow, goats…
then killer babyhead rocky downhill, sunshine and hail
got a bed n breakfast in Randazzo, bought a bottle of wine and a tray of arancini, bag of pastries and a bottle of red wine for the onward journey. hot shower nice nice

slept outside in the tent, warmer, safer

sunny enough to charge the batteries!

into brightness

snow ride!

downhill so much easier!!

lava tube cave!

sketchy slippery

next time we’ll bring a rope and harnesses to go down inside

nearing the park gate

finally down below the snowline