Off to the Netherlands! Day 1

I’m off to the netherlands!
My plan is to ride to maastricht, crossing the alps near davos then ride the eurovelo 15 cyclepath around to germany. I’ll stop in a place i used to live in the black forest,,then continue on through france and belgium.
Day 1 feeling strong, the bike is perfect, not so slow 73km
Camp for the night, i finally got going!
We’ll see how far i get.
there’s fresh snow up around here and even if i take the trAin tunnel (the pass is closed at a place called Lavin which in german kinda sounds like ‘avalanch’) i still have several thousand meters climbing to get up there.
Clumbing starts fay after tomorrow, i expect 5 days to lake constance.

If the imagss are upside down click then i think you can see them right. Dunno what happened with the upside down photos!