sun rising in shaxi

sunshine again, back at the crossroads, on the dali road, and i was skating again. today i beat my personal best, skating 82km to lake erhai, less than 30km from dali. it started with a two and a half hour ascent, some sketchy downhill, long rolling flats, a little uphill, some fast high traffic road, then back into the flats…pushing.

up and down

along the flats

sunrise at lake erhai

along the flats in the morning

arriving at tsai tsuen, dali

i find it interesting that i haven’t gotten more tired as i skate further, in fact i seem to build up stamina, or maybe thats just in my mind, but i skate and skate and half-noticenotice the kilometers dropping away. have a nice dinner, rest a bit, then off into the evening with the same regular push. by the time i found a cheap guesthouse along the lake road, i had gone 82km! i was pretty impressed with myself, and the next morning at sunrise i was back on the road, again through the flats along the lake. as i made it up the last little hill to the ancient town of dali, and was ordering a cappuchino at a little cafe, i had been on the road from the crossroads for 24 hours, and travelled 110km. needless to say, i partied in dali, tanked up on espresso and munched down cakes in celebration.

950km skated, feeling good, high on caffiene, and then my girl arrives, riding a new subsonic raven! (thanks scott, its a beautiful board!) dandan has come to chill out and skate some, its like paradise, some time together in the sunshine on awesome road with new kit to check out. i wont take her out on the road in the blazing sunshine, we’ll take it easy, but she said she wants to skate. she wanted to come check out what i am doing with the long distance thing, she skates a lot in beijing where its flat, and is enjoying going faster. well, here is a place to get going faster and skate further, and i chose a mellow mountain route we can skate and practice some. actually we drove down part of the route to get here from dali, and after she said, “i can skate that!” so i guess we”re on.

i am calculating 950km having skated, though the distance i travelled is closer to 1075km. however i know for sure that 53km of the route i didnt skate, took rides through construction zones and over 40km of cobblestone track. as well, the hike along the mekon cut some kilometers off of the return route, not many, but i have a feeling altogether its about 950km. together with dandan i think i’ll get in the last 50km, to top off my goal this time out, but the trek in of itself is complete. anything now, skating with my girl, is just extra fun. =)

950km upo the mountain and back, an awesome skate!

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  1. good journey。A happy and powerful travel!Must have happened a lot of stories。Are in every moment。。。

  2. Hey Max…it seems that I did not add your blog to my feed reader, which is a travesty beyond words. Looks like you had an awesome time though. I love the photos, looks like you had a nice mix of super nice roads and some horrid ones too…I look forward to more adventure stories from you 🙂

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