footbrake pad #3

after some cutting and carving and one intermediate design (footbrake pad #2) i have arrived at a workable model for my next trek. this one is cut from a moped tyre, which was a lot easier than hack-sawing through the steel radials of the car tyre i used for the first prototype. the moped tyre has enough tread to function well as a brake shoe, but is a lot lighter in weight. bonus.

i use this contraption for long long downhills (30km +) when i cannot use the drogue chute to air brake, and in places where the road is too narrow, with sharp blind turns. there i cannot carve off speed and have to take a straight line.

my first footbrake pad was quite heavy, and ultimately became unwieldy. i couldn’t push well with it, and carving while wearing the blocky shoe addition wasn’t so smooth, so it was either footbrake only, or end up going like a bat outta hell. this new version should be less intrusive but still practical.

sometimes the bat scene is cool, especially with the wind brake/drogue chute. it’s not quite a cape (check out super cycling man! but kinda…

sometimes the bat scene is bad, riding with a backpack, going way too fast without the option to carve. then it’s down to footbraking to descend safely. excessive footbraking means trashed shoes, and though i expect to kill my current trekking shoes in the next six weeks of skating, having one shoe totally worn down and the other relatively intact, makes for strange balance while walking and skating. i try to put that off as long as possible.

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