after five days on the road, i arive in langmusi, having skated 260km through gansu province. a lot of uphill, some awesome flats and fast downhill, its been a great movement through the big big sky country.

i have been up arund 3000m for the past three days, finally feeling today somewhat acclimatized and i blazed 60km across yaklands, powered on meussli breakfasts and beef noodles, yak noodles, lamb noodles…now i am gorging on pizza, seeing as langmusi has that good ol’ tourist infrastructure. well, one place, anyway.

the subsomic gt is fab, just takes some adjustment of my stance to get going efficiently, but that came pretty quick. am getting a lot of creaky-squeak, though, i think it’s the pivot cups on the new v2 buzzed trucks. craig said they are using a new material for that, think i need to grease it a bit, to go silent.


so far it’s been mellow, am making good time, about 50km per day. folks on the road are so pleasant. just before entering gannan, a man stopped his car, gave me a bottle of water, touched his fingertips together and said ‘i’m tibetan. welcome’

drivers often offer rides which i don’t accept, and today a woman handed me an amazing pear out the window of her moving car. sweet!

i camped alone by the wayside, and with yak herders up at the top of one pass, and stayed in a one grubby hotel, gonna rest in this town for a day to recharge…

and i met a man, who met another man, who said he was driving on the road to xining, and saw a speck approaching… was it a yak? no…it was a skater, pushing…that would be adam colton, making his way across qinghai. cool.

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