2018 Greta and Max, our first tour together

2013 Coffee High 1400Km, 40 days and 40 nights across the Tibetan Highlands

2012 spring trek, skate to the glacier, part 1 of 3

no vimeo? watch it here

2012 spring trek, skate to the glacier part 2 of 3

2012 spring trek, skate to the glacier part 3 of 3

september 2011, i trekked with my longboard from dali, yunnan, an indirect route to shaxi. 220km, 6 days on the road, skating, camping. it was hard work, great fun! here’s an audio video piece i put together

here you can see some other videos
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  1. Great videos…I’m not even a skateboarder, but I was glued to these…

    Is there a way of keeping in touch with what you are doing? Facebook? Twitter? Or is it simply best to regularly check this website?

    Thanks and good luck!


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