gear list

rayne longtreks demonseed
buzzed precision trucks 171mm axles
seismic speedvents 85mm 79a
bones redz bearings with titanium grease
german precision spacers
boardside bushings – blood red 90a
roadside bushings – back: venom shr 90a, front: venom shr 88a
spares: set of bearings lubed with grease, two bushings, 1 kingpin and 1 axle nuts, 1 mounting bolt with nut
1 heavy skate tool

protec helmet
protec kneepads
elbow pads
loaded slide gloves, leather on fingertips
lush rectangle pucks
ankle reflective straps
cateye red blinky light with 2 extra batteries
2 mini cans bear spray
bear bell
foldable uv sun hat

patagonia piolet jacket
patagonia nano-puff down jacket
longsleeve merino-silk shirt
berlin walker t-shirt
selfmade cotton pants
selfmade indian cotton longsleeve shirt
selfmade indian cotton shortsleeve shirt
selfmade superthin indian cotton pants
4 pairs coolmax running socks
2 pairs coolmax trekking socks
5 pairs cotton boxer shorts
1 handkerchief/snotrag
ecco expedition yak leather shoes

black diamond epic 45 backpack
lowe alpine fanny pack (clipped front to backpack shoulder straps)
nemo espri 2p tent
nemo tent footprint (doubles as my airbrake sail)
nylon sleeping bag
2/3 cut thin sleeping pad (alu reflective on one side)
5l airtight food sack
msr waterworks water filter
3l platypus hydration bag
1l platypus bottle
swiss knife
black diamond led headlamp
msr mini pack towel
1/4 bar bodyshop clementine soap
toothbrush and small tube toothpaste
gilette razor with two spare blades
tea tree oil about 6ml
miniroll toiletpaper
1/2 bottle headnshoulders shampoo
off mosquito spray (half bottle)
nivea spf 30+ sunscreen
sewing kit
2 AA batteries
2 AAA batteries
plastic breakfast bowl
thin metal spoon with sharp edge

med kit: small flask of anticeptic solution, bibanthene open wound cream, swabs, bandages, half-roll thick tape, bandaids, paracetemol, diarohea pills, 1 course broad spectrum antibiotics, 4 packets rehydration powder

1.5 kg meussli
trailmix: raisins, apricots, dried bananas, cashews, almonds (changes depending on local availability)
15 crunchy granola bars, assorted flavors
1 pack nori seaweed paper

gopro hero2 camera with LCD screen
assorted backs, mounts, and helmet straps
zoom h4n stereo/surround sound recorder
32gb, 16gb, 2x4gb, 2x2gb memory cards
ipod touch
senheisser over-the-ear runner’s headphones
motorola dumb-phone
usb charger cable
ipod charger cable
usb battery

other stuff:
yunnan map
pen and small pad of paper
6 1quart ziplok bags
passport and wad of renminbi notes
pasport photocopy
2pk ocb long black rolling papers
small yellow lighter
4 mini carabiner-like things
4 small carabiners
2x 6m thin rope
brake sole cut from truck tyre (last minute thing)
oakley sunglasses, soft cloth and hard case

packed weight is 10kg gear, maximum 15kg with full compliment of food and water

One thought on “gear list

  1. So I have a question, since you seem to have the lowdown on the whole hiking/boarding expedition:
    It seems like your trips are mostly skateboarding based and not hiking based, would it be do’able to do a hiking mostly, and longboarding less frequently?
    I know It would be doable but thought of consideration,
    I have been hiking the Application Trail for 4 months now, two left. Every ounce counts out here while walking. I am thinking about doing another long distance hiking trail Mountains-to-Sea, but it is not finished, about 800 k of roads. would there be any way to trim down the weight of the board? such as using a regular board but longboarding wheels, would it be comfortable after 800 kilometers? Or would you recommend an ultra light board for easy hiking.

    Sorry for the whole mess of questions, its all over the place like my thoughts of this next trip.

    Thanks very much for your help.
    Trail name-Caveman.

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