New product! Since i dont like the feedbags that hang from the handlebars, i made a padded bag for my little canon camera that fixes on the frame.
Gopro us nice and fast, but its cool to have a proper camera. Last time in iceland i didnt take so many shots with the canon since i had to dig it out of the framebag to use it. So, here’s my Shoot-from-the-hip backcountry bike touring camera bag!

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Some random DIY today, a pot cozy to save fuel up on the mountain, and bike box wheels to save energy in trainstations and airports 🙂

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Here’s today’s result, prepping for mt. etna.
Front rack bag to fit a surly 8-pack. Greta’s handlebar harness is a bit loose, wanted to add a bit of capacity as well as get the weight down lower.

Plus one sparkly Unicorn!!

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