travel throughTime with Sound

I am a Sound recordist or, recording engineer, audio technician, I would even call myself a sound artist. I dont consider my work to be sound art, but with any media object I develop, sound is definately the most important actor on the scene.

Since 2010 I am working at Penghao Theatre in Beijing, where I am officially the Art Technology Consultant. In fact I do a lot of different things there, most signifigant is Sound Recording and Installation, as well as training the staff in performance technologies.


This is a typical arrangement in the small theatre, multiple microphones and monitors, mixing and recording up front. At Penghao I have had the opportunity to record musicians from India, Iceland, the Philippines and of course, China.

I am present in a number of performances and informal readings, mixing soundscapes and music with the actors, as well as working the RGB DMX lighting.

audio_technic max_lights

In October 2012 I had the opportunity to record Tibetan nomad songs in Amdo, near to the first bend in the Yellow River, in Thangke, Sichuan, China, Tibet. This is Tsepak (singing) and friend.


On a recent journey to India, Feb 2011, I travelled with my sound recorder, pen and paper.

Focussing just on the soundscapes, the flavors and tones of the audio experience of India changed the way, period.

Here is a sketch and audio file of one thousand monks chanting around the base of the Bodhi Tree in Bodhi Gaya.


Travelling the world is a lifelong reworking of myself and my encounter with this beautiful, fascinating and absolutely mad world. In particular India is a crossover between the ancient and the ultra modern, a fantastic place to investigate our use of media technology, and how my own navigation with and through that technology has developed over time.

Another occasion recording Indian musicians, this time with a Holophone 8-channel surround sound recorder.

recording3 recording4 recording6