I am an enthusiastic videographer and sound recordist, creating documentary (and quasi-documentary) shortssince 2003. Here is a selection of my video works. These are mp4 videos delivered with HTML5, so if you can't see the videos? Try the Chrome, Safari or Firefox browsers.

Graduation Show SCM 2007 Hong Kong City University, School of Creative Media

Videogeist at Kinzo, Berlin 2003

Dzuguun, Berlin 2005

Miho Iwata, Bhuto dancer at Zero, Berlin 2006

State of Puppet a collaborative work with alex smetana and yaara zaluski, Berlin 2006.

In university S. Louisa Wei urged me to move beyond the short video format, saying my video was like my painting, like a snapshot, a moment frozen in time. None of my pieces were long enough. Only in 2012 did I finally make a work over 20 minutes. However, my biggest criticism of video art in general is that the ideas have to be good, and keep flowing. There's nothing worse than a video work that has only one good idea drawn out over 20 minutes.

Start from Zero Cooperative, Hong Kong 2007

In Between Worlds Hong Kong 2007
A collaborative work with several classmates, I was in charge ofCinematography, Edit and Sound Design.

Stormy Outside Hong Kong 2008
A work with two classmates shot at the old airport in To Kwa Wan.